Mindful Moment of Self Reflection!

Each of us has an essential strength profile as unique as our thumbprint. Discovering your strengths can help you enjoy life more, handle stress, and deal with all of life’s challenges. Let’s find YOUR strengths. Complete our short survey to find your top five strengths. Only fill in the five that are most like you. In just a few minutes you’ll know your top strengths and take the first step to a greater well-being!

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Please answer every question. Only fill in the five that are most like you.

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1. I approach daily life with energy and excitement.*
2. I get along well with others and my friends can count on me.*
3. I appreciate the good things that happen to me.*
4. I value my close relationships with others.*
5. I work hard to achieve my goals and don’t give up.*
6. I can think of lots of ways to solve problems and use my imagination.*
7. I explore the world around me with an open mind and ask questions often.*
8. I get excited about discovering new things.*
9. I believe everyone should have the same opportunities.*
10. I like bringing a smile to others.*
11. I take on challenges and speak up for what is right.*
12. I feel positive when I think about the future.*
13. I can stop, wait, and manage my emotions.*
14. People value my opinion and look to me for direction.*
15. I am helpful and nice to others.*
16. I appreciate the beauty in the world around me.*
17. I let my accomplishments speak for themselves.*
18. I am open and truthful.*
19. I carefully consider all options when making a decision.*
20. I am open-minded and think through my decisions.*
21. I can see other people’s points of view and weigh options when making decisions.*
22. I like being part of a team and doing my share.*
23. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. I can let things go.*
24. I am discovering my purpose and place in the world.*
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