2021 Strength Spotting Tournament!

March 2, 2021

Our 2021 Strength Spotting Tournament Is Here!

Overloaded on Sports?

Too much basketball this season? Try this bracket for your family. Instead of tracking the top basketball team in the country, track the top strengths in your own family. Tally up the strengths you see in your family each week and discover which strengths rise to the top. At the end of this month, you’ll know which strength is champion in your house!

Strength Spotting Builds Strong Kids

Strength spotting is an easy and fun way to build resiliency in your child. This Strength Spotting Tournamnent takes the elements and excitement of “march madness” and turns it into a tool for recognizing and building your child’s strengths. Every person has 24 character strengths inside them. Some of them, your top strengths, are more pronounced and others may need a little attention to blossom. Discovering, identifying, and building strengths helps you achieve your potential. 

Track Your Strengths Using the 2021 Strength Spotting Tournament

Start with all 24 character strengths. Keep track of every time you see someone in your family use one of their strengths. It may be creativity, zest, prudence, gratitude, love, or even self-control! Wouldn’t that be nice? At the end of each week, tally up the strengths everyone used. The ones that you saw most often move on to the next round. Eventually, one strength will reign supreme in your house. What will it be? Love of learning, honesty, perspective, kindness? The great news is everyone wins!

Download this popular activity here. We’re including some strength spotting cards to get you started. 

We can’t wait to see which strength is most used by your family. Learn more about the 24 character strengths and discover your family’s strengths by taking the Spotlight on my Strengths survey. You can download that here.

Learn more about the 24 character strengths here.