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Developed by experts at Beech Acres Parenting Center and Children, Inc., The Character Effect™ is a flexible developmental framework that brings together mindfulness and character strengths into an effective curriculum that promotes happiness and improves overall well-being in your school.

The Character Effect™ is designed to improve student’s self-control, increase their classroom participation, cultivate an atmosphere of respect for others and boost their overall self-acceptance. A dedicated Character Effect Specialist works in your school to bring The Character Effect™ to life.

The Character Effect™ begins with your teachers, focusing on mindfulness and building on their strengths. 46% of teachers report high daily stress impacting their students’ ability to reach their academic potential and successfully navigate their social environments. The Character Effect™ may mitigate the negative impacts of this daily stress.

Teachers bring The Character Effect™ to life in the classroom by discovering and developing each student’s strengths. Focusing on strengths rather than trying to fix what’s broken creates a positive culture in the classroom. Mindful moments keep students in the moment and focused on learning.

Parents are encouraged to be involved in the program. Understanding their child’s strengths and encouraging mindfulness at home creates a common language that deepens the connection between home and school. Fun family engagement events led by our staff reinforce mindfulness and focus on strengths bringing the valuable benefits of The Character Effect™ outside the classroom.

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