The Challenge

Kids are bringing complex issues into the classroom, with almost half having at least one adverse childhood experience (ACE). Add to that the academic demands, testing, and classroom management needs put on teachers, it makes sense that one study reported 46% of teachers reporting high stress, tying with the nursing profession in a Gallup poll.

The Solution

With TCE in their schools, 100% of teachers report the ability to:


Establish a classroom management system for their students

Calm a student who is disruptive or noisy


Motivate students who show low interest in school work

Identify their students’ strengths


*Self-report of respondents to 2019 TCE end-of-year teacher efficacy survey.

SEL participants demonstrated significantly improved social and emotional skills, attitudes, behavior, and academic performance that reflected an 11-percentile-point gain in achievement.

Learn More

What do you think your top Character Strength is?

Complete the VIA Survey of Character Strengths and learn more about the 24 unique strengths that live in everyone.

For younger grades, classroom videos are a part of the curriculum with mindfulness videos that could be used before a test.

Character strength videos bring to life the 24 character strengths we have inside us, like self-control.

5 Key Elements of the Social & Emotional Curriculum

Teacher Self-Care & Professional Development

How can stressed-out teachers support their students’ needs? For us, not only do teachers come first, we offer self-care strategies AND education to help teachers support their students.

Teacher Classroom Visits & Coaching

Professional development days are a great start. We know it takes more than that to support teachers in classrooms, so our specialists are available in schools and virtually helping teachers create positive change.

Developmental & Flexible SEL Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed and staged for students of all ages and developmental levels, and can be used by teachers as they need it rather than in a prescribed format.

Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support (PBIS) Integration

The Character Effect™ is easily adapted to your PBIS program, using our Strength of the Week announcements, tips, and strengths cards. Our specialists can help your school integrate the two.

Family Engagement Strategy

The Character Effect™ extends its reach to families through regular parenting tips, family events, and guides staff and teachers in bringing a strengths-focused approach to all family interactions.

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