FAQ for Parents

March 16, 2021

Parents, you may have questions about The Character Effect™, the social and emotional program implemented in your child’s school. We have answers! Here are some of the most common questions we get from parents.

  • What is social and emotional learning (SEL)?
    • Social and Emotional Learning is made up of five main competencies: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making. Research has found that children who possess these five core competencies perform better academically and are more successful in postsecondary settings.
  • What skills do socially, and emotionally competent children and youth have? 
    • Social and emotionally competent children and youth can notice and recognize their feelings and emotions more intentionally and then regulate them. These children and youth are better at noticing and connecting with other students and adults, providing additional support and empathy to them when needed. They are also more equipped at making and keeping relationships and making hard decisions and choices. 
  • Why is SEL important to the school and life success of all children and youth?
    • “SEL competencies can help students become better communicators, cooperative members of a team, effective leaders and self-advocators, resilient individuals, and caring, concerned members of their communities. These skills have been identified by today’s employers and educators as important for success in the workplace and postsecondary settings” (Johnson, Johnson, & Stanne, 2000; Schaps, Battistich, & Solomon, 2004).
  • What can I expect from The Character Effect™ in my school? 
    • A letter home introducing you to the program, which you may have received if you found this web page!
    • Monthly tips to try at home. The tips align with the Strength of The Week calendar your school may be using.
    • Our Specialists focus on coaching the teachers so the school takes ownership of the program and the positive culture will last after we leave. They do not work directly with the children.
    • STRENGTH SPOTTING! We’ve watched language change in schools from ‘please be quiet’ to ‘I love your strength of curiosity, but please let me finish the instructions before you jump in!’ or ‘please stop talking to Emma’ to ‘I see your strength of friendship and teamwork, but Emma needs to practice on her own right now.
    • Mindfulness! Parents have been shocked watching their little ones (S.T.O.P.) STOP, TAKE a BREATH, OBSERVE and PROCEED.
    • The Character Effect™ is powered by Beech Acres Parenting Center, which has been in Cincinnati for over 170 years. Parents are an integral part of the program, unlike other SEL programs and we hope to see you at a family event (virtually or in-person). Our vision is every child is surrounded by adults mindfully building on their innate strengths setting them on the path to becoming resilient adults.