Give Back to Yourself Through the Power of Strengths

August 1, 2022

Although everyone has all 24 strengths inside of them, it’s our top strengths that make us unique. Knowing and using our top strengths empowers us to give back to ourselves with intentionality. Not sure where to start? We have you covered with this list of ideas for leveraging a top strength to replenish your energy and satisfaction.

Appreciation of Beauty
Go on a walk outside, taking time to appreciate the nature around you.
Vulnerability is brave: ask for help if you need it.
Tap into your creativity to do something you love, be it drawing, cooking, or gardening. Make it fun and unique.
Watch a video or read an article exploring an idea you’re curious about, with no other intention than to satiate your Curiosity.
Be an activist for a cause you care about. Attend a rally, write to your senators, or donate money/time to a charity.   
Write a letter to yourself about something you seek Forgiveness for.
Call up an old friend who brings you joy.
Write or think of a list of things you’re grateful for in your life.
Be authentic and use your strength of Honesty with your family, friends or coworkers about one area you are really struggling with.
Write or think about something you hope to accomplish. Take it a step further and write out steps to reach that goal.
Take an Intentional moment to celebrate someone’s success with them.
Tell someone a joke. Let their laughter fill you with joy.
Listen to a podcast posing an opinion different from your own.
Perform a small act of Kindness for a stranger. Let the moment fill you with joy.
Facilitate a discussion with family or friends about a topic. Tap into your strength of Leadership to keep the discussion fair and civil.
Write a love letter to someone special and leave it somewhere random for them to find.
Love of Learning 
What’s something you want to know more about? Take a few minutes out of your day to learn about that subject, either by reading about or asking someone about it.
Create a fun, obtainable challenge for yourself. Try to run a mile without walking or go a whole day without going on social media. If you don’t meet your goal, reflect on what stopped you and try again next time.
Use your strength of Perspective to answer the following questions. What are you feeling? What purpose does the feeling serve? What can you learn from it?
Got a lot on your plate? Make a to-do list, prioritizing “must-do’s” over “should do’s.”
Create a list of Self-Care ideas. Put reminders in your phone to try out these ideas every day for a week—even if it’s just for five minutes!
Sense of Meaning 
Write down your life’s purpose on a sticky note. Place the note somewhere you will see it at least once a day.
Join a team sport or start a game night with friends.
Throw a party with no purpose. Make good food and have great fun with whoever you want.