Helping Teachers Manage Stress with a Special Delivery

March 4, 2022

Guest Blogger Sean Guiliano

We have heard continually that this year has been one of the most stressful years for teachers. This comes after a year of closures, quarantining, and the uncertainty that the pandemic generated. When dealing with an exceptionally stressful year, it is important to make time to be present. This is often easier said than done for teachers. They are moving from one activity to the next and always have another task to complete. This creates an unwinnable situation. Teachers need time to reset and experience the moment, but the thought of stopping their day only makes them more stressed. Which then increases the need to reset. The solution is to find opportunities within your day to reset and be present in that moment.

The Character Effect™ was able to provide an opportunity for teachers to “de-stress” by delivering a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Teachers were served in their rooms as they prepared the students for the upcoming day. They were encouraged to continue with their morning but reminded to also focus on enjoying the unexpected cup of coffee. This gave them the opportunity to focus on more than the busy day to come. Even these small moments can have a significant impact on our mindset for the remainder of the day.

So the next time you need to take a moment for yourself, try this simple mindful exercise.

Pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage. Take a breath and feel the cup in your hand. Does it feel warm or cool? Is it smooth or rough? Now take another breath and smell the liquid inside the cup. What do you smell? Is it a strong smell or subtle? Is it bitter, sweet, or maybe neither? Finally, take a sip of your drink. What tastes are present? Are there hints of multiple flavors or one strong taste? As you continue to drink your beverage, remember to enjoy the experience. Take this moment to be present and calm your busy mind. This will help you prepare for the next part of your day.