Miles Elementary a “Bright Spot” In Kentucky Learning Thanks To The Character Effect™

September 12, 2019

“Preparing more students to reach academic goals has been a years-long priority for teachers and administrators at Miles Elementary. Deep learning about social-emotional issues, the effects of adverse childhood experiences, and self-awareness skills have increased classroom success for teachers and students.” Lonnie Harp, Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence September 6th, 2019

We’re thrilled that Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence has recognized Miles Elementary in the Erlanger Elsmere School District as a “Bright Spot” of learning in Kentucky. The commitment of the entire school’s community; from administration to teachers, students to parents, is a big part of why this approach to improving social and emotional learning is effective. The Character Effect™ begins with teachers, addressing mindfulness and self-care, which allows them to focus on building on the strengths of their students. Fun, engaging family events engage parents and establish a common language that all of the adults in a child’s life can use to encourage their success.

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