Simple Self-Care For Teachers From The Character Effect™

February 1, 2021

“As a teacher, I feel calmer and less anxious. It gives me the language to explain to students how I am feeling and how I can help a student take the time to take in and understand everything around them. I have told all my teacher friends about it at other schools!” -Elementary school teacher after experiencing The Character Effect™

The Character Effect™ is a complete, universal social & emotional learning program that improves the culture of a school’s community by building on everyone’s innate strengths. We accomplish this with a “teacher first” approach that focuses on teacher self-care through mindfulness, engages parents through fun and accessible tactics, and rallies all the adults in a student’s life around their strengths, to keep them focused on learning.

Self-care for teachers is so important! Get started with these mindful moment videos. Go further with these stories of impact we’ve seen in the classroom. And when you’re ready to learn more, let us know.