Case Studies


Charter School Expands after Seeing Positive Change

CCPA Facts:

Students: 963
Free and Reduced Lunch: 100%
African American: 94.8%
Hispanic: 4.6%
Students w/ Disabilities: 7.4%

“Making an intentional effort to focus on children’s strengths has had a positive impact on our school,” said Ian Frank, assistant superintendent at Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy. “In addition to better results in academics and behavior, our students have a general sense of happiness and the entire school is more relaxed. It has given us a positive way to look at our weeks, which have rolled into positive months and a positive year.”

The Character Effect uses a flexible curriculum to bring together the research of positive psychology and the science of mindfulness. Its framework uses research-informed tools to help students, teachers and parents to collectively develop a common language that supports students.

“In education, we talk about research-based methods that we see in colleges or journals, but this is research-based support from Beech Acres professionals who come in and work with teachers and kids in the classroom,” Frank explained. “It’s tangible support that is having a big effect in our community.”

The program is designed to improve student’s self-control, increase their classroom participation, cultivate an atmosphere of respect for others and boost their overall self-acceptance.

“The Character Effect helps parents, teachers and students to focus on the same important building blocks of the child’s growth,” said Emily Scharfenberger, director of strategic partnerships at Beech Acres Parenting Center. “This leads to stronger parent engagement, which is a priority at CCPA and adds to the strength of support kids have in their lives.”

One strategy CCPA is using is to focus on a personal “Character of the Week,” such as leadership, and to discuss its meaningfulness and importance in children’s lives. Frank said spending time on these ideas helps to build up children’s personal strengths, making them more resilient over time.

After seeing excellent results in kindergarten through third grade this year, CCPA will expand use of The Character Effect to grades four through six next year and has plans to eventually bring it to all students in the K-12 school.

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