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Hitting The “Reset” Button at Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy

CCPA Facts:

Students: 963
Free and Reduced Lunch: 100%
African American: 94.8%
Hispanic: 4.6%
Students w/ Disabilities: 7.4%

Students practice self-control and self-management in the Reset Room, bring those skills back to the classroom.

Teachers and students at Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy have a new resource that helps them build on the students’ strengths of self-control and self-management. It’s called the Reset Room and it’s helping students spend more time actively learning in the classroom.

Relaxation Station In Classroom

The Reset Room is a safe, relaxing spot in the school that teachers can utilize when a student needs a reset. Rather than default to disciplining a student when they may be overusing their strengths of zest or humor in the classroom, teachers now have the opportunity to redirect that behavior and build on their strengths of self-control and self-management.

Students can practice mindfulness in the Reset Room using a variety of fun activities including Feeling Thermometer, Soaring Self-Control, I Feel It in My Body, Worry Wormand Happy Place. These activities provide the student with the time to relax and refocus before heading back to the classroom to learn. “The students also enjoy making Breath Counters to practice taking mindful breaths or practicing Mindful Movement activities in the Reset Room,” said Character Effect™ Specialist Deanna Martin. Deanna collaborated on the space with the school’s administration allowing for deeper integration of The Character Effect’s primary components, mindfulness and character strengths into the school’s culture. 

While in the room, students are able to work one on one with a school administrator or mental health professional, they usually complete 1-2 activities before successfully returning to class. The school has found, since implementation, students are coming away from the room with tools and skills they can utilize in the classroom, ultimately increasing the time the students are spending in the classroom. They have also found that students are utilizing the rooms and activities correctly and are benefiting from the opportunity to stop and “reset” before returning to class.

Teachers benefit from tight integration of The Character Effect™ in their schools as well. Activities like those practiced in the Reset Room are part of a flexible curriculum that teachers can easily implement into their teaching day without having to create new materials on their own. In fact, 100% of teachers with The Character Effect™ in their schools report the ability to establish an effective classroom management system, calm students who are disruptive or noisy, motivate students who show low interest in school work, and easily identify their students’ strengths. 

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