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Individual Coaching Helps Teachers Ease Stress and Improve Effectiveness

Coaching In Action

1st Grade Teacher: “I have a student who just won’t sit still during class. It’s impacting his learning, distracting the students around them, and stressing me out!”

Specialists: “Sounds like that student is full of zest! That’s great but overusing that strength can certainly be distracting. First, take care of yourself. Stop, take a few deep breaths, and set an intention for the behavior you want to see. Then let’s try some strength spotting to refocus some of that zest. Say to your student, “It looks like you are excited to be in class today. That’s great! But your excitement is making it tough for the other students to learn. Let’s focus on learning right now and maybe at the end of class we can shake off some of that energy or watch a video featuring The Character Effect™ Characters. How does that sound?”

“Coaching has made me think about my emotions, both personally and professionally. It makes me slow my instant reactions and think about how I will respond to situations.”

– Rikki Dressman, 4th Grade Teacher, Erlanger-Elsmere School District

Teaching is tough. Every year it seems something new is added to your plate. You are not just a subject matter expert, but you’re now being asked to meet the ever more complex emotional needs of your students. It can be overwhelming for sure.

Coaching is a powerful element of The Character Effect™ that can help you manage your stress level and be more effective with the limited time you have with your students. We get it, we’re asking you to take on one more thing when you already don’t have enough time in your day. Here’s the thing; these brief coaching sessions can result in profound long-term benefits for you by reducing your stress level and making you more effective in the classroom. Sound good? Let’s learn more about how coaching can help.

Character Effect Specialists provide both individual and group coaching opportunities. Individual coaching is just for you and up to 4 sessions are included in the overall program for every classroom teacher.. Individual coaching brings The Character Effect™ to life by focusing on each teacher’s unique needs.

Individual coaching is highly tailored to your specific needs and includes clearing, a mindful moment, identification and development of a particular focus area, and intention setting and review.

  • Clearing and Mindful Moment – Coaching begins by checking in on you. Self-care is what sets The Character Effect™ apart and can make a real difference in how you approach your day. Your specialist not only checks in on how you are doing mentally, physically, and emotionally, they also offer ways to improve how you are feeling. Sometimes just having someone to talk to can help ease your stress and re-focus you on your goals.
  • Identification and Development of Focus Area – Individual coaching is teacher-driven, meaning we are here for you. From a deep dive on implementing the character strengths and mindfulness to strategies to address specific situations, you encounter in your classroom or simple questions about the curriculum portal.
  • Intention Setting and Review – What do you want your classroom to look like? What is your vision of the “perfect classroom”? Your Character Effect Specialist can help define your vision and implement strategies to achieve it.

The coaching component of The Character Effect™ offers a unique, personal way to truly have an effect with your school’s SEL efforts. Character Effect Specialists help you succeed by encouraging mindfulness, developing your character strengths, focusing your intentions, and introducing self-care. Taken together, these aspects of The Character Effect™ can help you envision and achieve results.

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