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Strength Spotting Brings Classroom Community Together

Every person has 24 character strengths inside of them. These character strengths, once identified and developed, can help individuals build resilience, make better decisions, and lead a happier, healthier life. It’s all about focusing on what’s strong with you rather than what’s wrong with youStrength Spotting can be an effective tool in the classroom. Identifying students’ strengths and calling them out when they use them creates a positive atmosphere for learning to thrive.

Amanda Wey, a 3rd-grade teacher at South Lebanon Elementary School, has found strength spotting to be a great way to build community in her classroom.

“I feel that using the strength spotting sheets has really brought our classroom community together. I have challenged students to give specific examples and it really shows how much they care about each other and look out for each other. It also shows how intentional they are throughout the day, and examples are pointed out that would have been missed otherwise. It is so cool to see how excited students get to receive their strength spotting sheet that their peer has filled out.”-Amanda Wey, 3rd-grade teacher South Lebanon Elementary School.




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