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The Character Effect™ Supports Students’ Mental Wellness at Kings Local School District

The Character Effect™ has had a big impact on the students and staff at Kings Local School District since the district implemented the program in several of their schools last year. As part of a larger and comprehensive mental health strategy in the district, The Character Effect™ is unique in its focus on not only the students but on the teachers as well. A focus on discovering and unlocking students’ unique strengths partnered with the positive psychology of mindfulness through teacher self-care is making a real difference.
“There are programs that have become routine in the district. “The Character Effect” focuses on mindfulness and positive psychology while older students are set-up with the “Atlas for Schools” program. That’s an app that walks students through modules for different feelings from sleep health to coping skills to stress reduction. – Kim Sellers, Social-Emotional Health Coordinator, relates it to the “Calm” app but for Gen Z.
Innovative programs like The Character Effect™ meet students, teachers, and parents where they are at in their journey and have a profound positive impact on a school’s culture.
“It’s something that kind of meets them where they’re at. It’s their generation. It speaks their language and it’s something that they can really relate to,” Sellers said.
Watch the story here and see how The Character Effect™ is making a difference at Kings Local. 
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