Using The Character Effect™ In Your After School Program

November 29, 2022

Is The Character Effect™ right for your program?

A 2017 study by the Harvard Graduate School of Education found that social and emotional learning in out of school scenarios can be successful. According to the research out of school setting like after-school programs “tend to be less formal and structured, offering increased opportunities to develop the type of close, trusting relationships that enhance SEL.”

The Character Effect™ from Beech Acres Parenting Center is an evidenced-based, flexible social & emotional learning program, grounded in positive psychology and the science of mindfulness. Flexible program offerings are available; from a comprehensive engaging online curriculum to individual coaching sessions for teachers, depending on your program’s needs.

Our curriculum is designed and staged for PreK-12 students of all ages and developmental levels and can be used by teachers as they need it rather than in a prescribed format. While designed for the traditional classroom setting, the foundations of the program are universal and can be easily adapted to your program.The flexibility and broad range of available activities means The Character Effect™ can be implemented in your after-school program in a meaningful and effective way. Our program encourages parent engagement in order for children to hear the same strengths-based language at school and at home. Hearing this in an after school setting can help reinforce the benefits of a strong social and emotional learning program.

The Character Effect™ rallies all the adults in a student’s life around their strengths by introducing a positive shared language that can be used at your program and reinforced at home. 90% of teachers experiencing The Character Effect™ report feeling better equipped to manage student behavior. Teachers and students develop skills everyone needs to rise to the challenges of our ever-changing world.

Is it Easy to Implement?

An initial professional development workshop cements the combination of positive psychology and mindfulness for your staff. The ‘Hub’ is an easy-to-use online curriculum broken down by grade level with a variety of additional resources. Each week you’ll focus on a specific strength of the week – aligning your program around character strengths like ‘kindness’, ‘love of learning’ or ‘self-control’.

Last month our Glen Crest students began working with the “Character Effect Curriculum,” a new social emotional learning program that allows staff and students to recognize character strengths in themselves and others. “We’re excited to see the growth in the students’ emotional well-being throughout the year,” says Lisa Hepner, Director of Program and Volunteers at Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource Center.”

Get Your Students Involved!

 The Character Crew Program is designed to create a space for all students to provide their perspectives, share in decision-making, and lead and initiate action. Elevating students’ voices is key to promoting their emotional and social development. It not only fosters students’ sense of identity and agency, but also enhances relationships with the ability to transform school climate. The Character Crew Program supports the teacher-led components of social-emotional learning by elevating the student voice.

Together we can bring social & emotional learning to life in your program. Contact us to get started today!