Professional Development Workshops are an integral part of support for your staff. The Character Effect™ takes it a step further by grounding the workshops in self-care for the teachers all through the lens of character strengths and mindfulness.

Building Relationship and Increasing Resilience Series:

What will teachers & staff walk away with?

Weaving Mindfulness into My Classroom & My Life

  • Discover easy tips and strategies for incorporating mindfulness into your life
  • Identify mindfulness strategies to use with your students
  • Learn how to set up a Relaxation Station in your classroom

90 Minutes

Weaving Strengths into My Classroom & My Life

  • Discover easy tips and strategies for incorporating strengths into your life
  • Identify strength-based strategies to use with students
  • Learn about The Character Effect’s practical strength-based materials and resources

90 Minutes

Recharge & Regain Calm

  • Understand the impact of stress and secondary trauma
  • Learn how your mindset can reduce the impact of stress
  • Explore strategies for increasing life satisfaction

90 Minutes

Building Positive Relationships with Students

  • Reflect on the power of positive relationships
  • Explore three of The Character Effect’s practices to build positive relationships with students fast
  • Develop a plan to build positive relationships quickly with your students

90 Minutes

Individual Options:

Mental Health 101

  • Recognize red flags between normal childhood development and symptoms of mental health
  • Learn how to intervene to prevent mental health concerns from escalating
  • Identify how you can support student healing with targeted Character Effect strategies

90 Minutes

Creating an Equitable and Trauma-Informed Classroom

  • Learn how trauma impacts students' social, emotional, and physical development
  • Understand how trauma shows up in the classroom
  • Equitably mitigate the effects of trauma through The Character Effect's three practices

90 Minutes

Creating Powerful Family Engagement

  • Understand the factors that impact family engagement
  • Learn how to have productive conversations and foster powerful partnerships with parents
  • Explore the parenting tips and resources from Beech Acres Parenting Center's experience over 175 years of experience

90 Minutes

What's Happening Inside the Child Brain

  • Learn about brain development in elementary school students
  • Understand how brain development impact's student learning and behavior
  • Identify strategies and tips to build relationships and support school-age students' social emotional learning

90 Minutes

What's Happening Inside the Teen Brain

  • Learn about adolescent brain development
  • Understand how brain development impact's student learning and behavior

90 Minutes

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Framework

  • Identify ways The Character Effect can fit into your classroom management plan
  • Explore how the program can deepen your school's PBIS framework beyond just incentives.
  • Learn how our Ready to Learn plan and other resources can support student engagement in learning

90 Minutes

Compare all our solutions to find what works best for your school.

This self-assessment may spark an insight or two in whether your school needs to relook at its approach to implementing a social & emotional curriculum.

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