Professional Development Workshops are an integral part of support for your staff. The Character Effect™ takes it a step further by grounding the workshops in self-care for the teachers all through the lens of character strengths and mindfulness.

Professional Development sessions can be selected individually or invest in a full series for your staff.

Building Relationship and Increasing Resilience Series:

What will teachers & staff walk away with?

6 Hours Total

Overview of Positive Psychology and Character Strengths

  • An understanding of the science of positive psychology and character strengths
  • An understanding of our negativity bias and learn strategies for overcoming

90 Minutes

Self-Care Strategies

  • An overview of stress and secondary trauma and then the benefits of self-compassion
  • An individualized self-care plan and weekly self-care texts

90 Minutes

Deep Dive into My Strengths

  • They know how to build a common strength-based language in their classroom
  • Simple tips and strategies for incorporating strength practice into daily activities

90 Minutes

Weaving Mindfulness Into My Classroom & My Life

  • An understanding of the science of mindfulness and benefits
  • Clear steps for incorporating mindfulness into their own life and with students

90 Minutes

PBIS and Classroom Management Series:

What will teachers & staff walk away with?

3 Hours Total

Strength-Based Family Engagement

  • An understanding of bias and how it can impact family engagement
  • Tips for having strength-based conversations with parents and a monthly package to share with parents via the school’s digital channels for the remainder of the school year

90 Minutes

Creating a Trauma-Informed Classroom

  • A better understanding of trauma-informed care and the impact of trauma on a child’s social, emotional and physical development
  • The know-how to create and implement a Relaxation Station in your classroom

90 Minutes

Individual Options:

From PreK to 6th Grade, How Kids Grow

  • An overview of school-age brain development
  • Strategies and tips to build relationships and support school age students’ social emotional learning

90 Minutes

What Happens Inside Teens’ Brains

  • Overview of adolescent brain development
  • Strategies and tips to build relationships and support adolescent students’ social emotional learning

90 Minutes

Mental Health 101

  • An understanding of the difference between normal childhood development and symptoms of mental health symptoms
  • Classroom management strategies based on strengths and mindfulness to support students social and emotional learning

90 Minutes

Building Positive Relationships with Students

  • The key factors important to building positive relationships and practice techniques for building positive relationships with students
  • Ability to identify how these practices could benefit your school community

90 Minutes

This self-assessment may spark an insight or two in whether your school needs to relook at its approach to implementing a social & emotional curriculum.

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