Everything but the curriculum. Insightful professional development workshops and individualized sessions for teachers. Plus, engaging parenting events with content from Beech Acres Parenting Center, an organization with over 170 years of experience serving parents and caregivers.

For Classroom Teachers

With the teacher & parent elements, your school or district can choose up to 3 different professional development topics, including:

  • Recharge & Regain Calm
  • Creating an Equitable and Trauma-Informed Classroom
  • Weaving Mindfulness into My Classrooms and My Life
Full List Topic

Because this is all about the classroom teachers uncovering their strengths and understanding the science of mindfulness, this option also includes individual 30 minute sessions for teachers to set goals, take a moment to recharge, and/or co-create ideas on how to bring strengths into their classrooms with The Character Effect Specialists.

For Parents

With the Teacher & Parent elements, your school or district can choose from 4 different parent workshops listed below. The Character Effect’s vision is for all the adults in a child’s life to reinforce their own innate strengths to their build grit & resilience.

Parent Only Workshops

Introduction to The Character Effect

Parents and caregivers will be introduced to the science of Mindfulness and the positive psychology of Character Strengths. Parents and caregivers will gain a better understanding of how The Character Effect is implemented by the teacher in the classroom and how parents can bring The Character Effect home. Parents and caregivers will also be provided with strategies to strengthen their relationships with their child.

Weaving Strengths Into My Family

Parents and caregivers will discover tips and strategies for incorporating Character Strengths into their family life. Parents and caregivers will discover strategies for putting their strengths into action and will identify ways to connect with their child's strengths too!

Weaving Intentions Into My Family

Parents and caregivers will learn about Intentional practices and how to apply these practices into daily life at home and at school. Parents and caregivers will have an opportunity to explore how goals, daily intentions and a plan for the future can help to create a roadmap to success.

Recharge and Regain Calm in Parenting

Parents and caregivers will learn strategies for recharging and regaining calm in relationships at home. Parents and caregivers will learn how to start or grow their own plan for recharging in 3 easy steps.

Weaving Mindfulness Into My Family

Parents and caregivers will learn about Mindfulness and how it can be used anywhere to improve daily interactions at home and at school. Parents and caregivers will discover tools being utilized in the classroom for students that can be implemented at home. Parents and caregivers will leave with a plan for trying Mindfulness for themselves and for the entire family.

Social Emotional Learning at Home and School

Parents and caregivers will develop a better understanding of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and how building social and emotional competencies can help to build life skills needed to thrive in adulthood. We'll discuss the science behind SEL and provide resources and activities for applying them into daily activities at home and at school.

Compare all our solutions to find what works best for your school.

This self-assessment may spark an insight or two in whether your school needs to relook at its approach to implementing a social & emotional curriculum.

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