Everything but the curriculum. Insightful professional development workshops and individualized sessions for teachers. Plus, engaging parenting events with content from Beech Acres Parenting Center, an organization with over 170 years of experience serving parents and caregivers.

For Classroom Teachers

With the teacher & parent elements, your school or district can choose up to 3 different professional development topics, including:

  • Self-Care Strategies
  • Creating a Trauma-Informed Classroom
  • Weaving Mindfulness into My Classrooms and My Life
Full List Topic

Because this is all about the classroom teachers uncovering their strengths and understanding the science of mindfulness, this option also includes individual 30 minute sessions for teachers to set goals, take a moment to recharge, and/or co-create ideas on how to bring strengths into their classrooms with The Character Effect Specialists.

For Parents

With the Teacher & Parent elements, your school or district can choose from 4 different parent workshops listed below. The Character Effect’s vision is for all the adults in a child’s life to reinforce their own innate strengths to their build grit & resilience.

Parent Only Workshops

Home Relaxation Station

Leverage the calming nature of the classroom Relaxation Station. During the Home Relaxation Station workshop, parents will learn how to create their very own Home Relaxation Station to utilize with their child(ren). The Home Relaxation Station is a positive way for “reset” in a calm, safe, personal home space; parents and child(ren) alike will benefit.

Intro to Self-Care for Parents

During Intro to Self-Care for Parents workshop, parents will learn about what self-care is and how to start their your own self-care practices in 3 easy steps.

Prep for Testing and Transitions

During Prep for Testing and Transitions workshop, parents will learn how to support and help their children build resilience for testing and transition to next stages through Mindfulness and Strengths.

Learning to Let Go

Let it go! Our Learning to Let Go workshop will show parents how to easily utilize Strengths, Mindfulness and Intention-setting to support their child’s transition to adulthood and beyond.

Fall Into a New Way of Being

During the Fall Into New Way of Being workshop, parents will learn how to intentionally use Strengths and Mindfulness to support their own well-being and self-care. Parents will have the opportunity to reflect on parts of their life that are causing them stress and allow those items to “fall” and Set an Intention to move forward.

Compare all our solutions to find what works best for your school.

This self-assessment may spark an insight or two in whether your school needs to relook at its approach to implementing a social & emotional curriculum.

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