What Is individual Coaching?

October 26, 2022

Teachers, you may have heard your Specialist reach out about Individual Coaching. But you might be thinking…what exactly is Individual Coaching, and why should I give up what little time I have to participate?  

Let us share some insight into this offering and why it might be worth the time investment.  

Individual Coaching

Firstly, Individual Coaching is, in essence, a safe space to process personal or professional challenges and goals. These goals can be rooted in self-care, classroom management, supporting students’ SEL needs, or something else. In these conversations, your specialist is a mindful, nonjudgmental ear. Their job is to make you feel understood, supported, and ultimately empowered to meet whatever goal you have for yourself. Using The Character Effect™, practices of Character Strengths, Mindfulness, and intentionality, the specialist will ask you powerful questions that provoke deep reflection and forward thinking.  

See what these local teachers have to say about their experience with Individual Coaching:  

“As teachers, we all know the kinds of additional stress and pressure we’ve experienced since the pandemic ushered in layers of change we never anticipated.  Adjusting to the new normal has been quite a task, but “Individual Coaching” has been a game-changer for me.  I so appreciate the opportunity to sit regularly with a coach to get grounded, identify needs, and set measurable goals.  The structure of this program has given me the extra gentle push and accountability I’ve needed to restore healthy rhythms and practices in my personal life and to address the most difficult aspects of my job.   I highly recommend utilizing this invaluable asset. I am genuinely a better version of myself because of the perfect balance of invitation and challenge provided by my coach and my willingness to follow through. I am grateful beyond words for all I have learned and the tools I have to keep improving.” ~Juanita Johnson, Dater Montessori 

“My work with [my Specialist] has really opened my eyes to the thoughts, motivations, and concerns that have been present in my life. I am not a naturally introspective person when it comes to my own personal needs and stressors. I pretty much have to talk through my ideas in order to discover what’s going on inside me. That puts me in a position to really need to rely on a professional who knows who to ask “the right questions” to get me going. Having someone like [my Specialist] who asks excellent, targeted questions really helped me recognize what has been going on in my heart and mind over the past few months and years. [My Specialist] has a compassionate approach that creates a truly safe and ideal environment. She compassionately pushed me to dig deeper into my thoughts and helped me to uncap some much-needed creativity and motivation.  I am very grateful for all that she has helped me accomplish.” ~Chris Wilke, Purcell Marian High School  

FAQs about Individual Coaching 

  • How long do sessions last, and how frequently do they occur?  

30 minutes 3 times a year.  

  • I’m not looking for self-care support but would like help in implementing The Character Effect in my classroom. Is that okay?  

Of course! You lead, and the Specialist follows. If you’d like to keep it a more informal conversation about The Character Effect™ strategies and practices, that’s great, too.  

  • Is what I share in coaching confidential?  

Absolutely. Coaching is a confidential, safe space.  

  • Is Individual Coaching somehow evaluative?  

No. While the Specialist might ask you to reflect on the growth you’ve made toward your goal, you will never be formally or informally evaluated.  

  • What are examples of goals I could focus on? 
    • Feeling better equipped to support students with trauma 
    • Better work-life balance 
    • Curbing perfectionism tendencies and giving oneself more grace 
    • Working on emotional boundaries so as not to take work home or too personally 
    • Integrating Mindfulness into one’s personal life or classroom 
    • Building a positive relationship with a challenging student or colleague